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Female Journalists in WWII..?

I’ve always been interested in WWII and of course, Journalism. I was just wondering what the roles of female journalists were in WWII and if any of them were sent to Europe and The Pacific. Also, it would really help me a lot if you could tell me of some British female journalists at the time.

Thanks in advance.

The Australian, Nancy Wake, worked in France for a wire service prior to the war and later became a partisan fighter in the French resistance and was known as the “White Mouse”. She is the most decorated female.

One British woman working for a British newspaper was the only female war correspondent to visit New Guinea and cover the war there during the WW-2. I have forgotten her name, but it is in my B.A. Honours thesis which is stored away. She died about two years ago in Queensland, Australia.

I suggest you read, or buy, the book “Female War Correspondents”. That will be an excellent read. It covers both WW-2, Korea, other conflicts and the Second Indochina (Vietnam) War, but it does not list all the females that worked as War Correspondents.

Unfortunately I cannot help with any others as I never studied the reporting of WW-2 in Europe and only looked at Papua & New Guinea. I knew a number of female Warcos that covered the Second Indochina War, as I did.

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